Alarm / Clock Radio / Media player (including: Internet streamed radio)

Simple to use!

Use your Android phone as an:

  • Alarm: Wake up to a song, artist, album, playlist or internet streamed radio. (for Internet streamed compatible formats, see:
  • Clock Radio: Time is displayed as your phone's time settings (Changeable here: 'Program / Settings / Date & time')
  • Media player: Listen to the same tunes that you wake up to when you are awake
  • Easier to choose an radio station, Choose country and then the radio station.
  • BETA, Stopwatch (turn on: 'Menu / All settings / Tab choice / Stopwatch')
  • BETA, Timer (turn on: 'Menu / All settings / Tab choice / Timer').

Languages translated: Go here to see all languages translated

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Known bugs:

  • None that I known of. [Want to report a bug, see instructions below]
  • Please report bugs you find so i can fix them, if you don't tell me they don't exist :) [Want to report a bug, see instructions below]

If you find a bug, send an email to with the following:

  • How I can reproduce it? What did you do to make it happen?
  • Program name och version used?
  • Your phone's data (with model, resolution, Android version, language).

Enhancements to come (not in any priority order):

  • Create playlists in the app (currently can only play playlists added to your Android phone/tab)
  • Better support for Tablets

This free version is a full version, with ads support.

Download Clock Radio ByPN Free here: Google Play

A Pro version, without ads, is now available.

Download Clock radio ByPN Pro here: Google Play

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