Time screen:

  • Time, date, battery: Info for you
  • Alarm, alarm signal: Info (Go to \'Alarm screen\' to change, press the alarm button on the action bar)
  • Player signal: Selected signal to play, when 'On' button is pressed, change by pressing the signal name
  • On/Off button: Plays selected player signal
  • Always on/Off in .. button: Short click will toggle between \'Always on\' and \'Off in ..\'. Long click and you can set timeout for \'Off in ..\' model
  • Shuffle on/off: Can only be changed when the player is off
  • Repeat on/off: Can only be changed when the player is off
  • Prev/Next: Shows only when the player is on and if more than 1 song is chosen
  • Volume: Does not show with small displays (version 2.x) (Ex. ldpi(320x480), not enough space, use the menu instead)
  • Dimmer: Dim the screen to increase battery life
  • Screensaver: Shows time, date, alarm, alarm signal and player signal.

Latest version info is in 'News'. Full version history is under 'All settings / About / Version history'.

Alarm screen:

  • Customize an alarm: Long click on +(1),+(2),+(3),+(4) or use the menu 'Edit the default alarm (x)' to see that your are in customize mode - instead of the time you will see the name (?) of the button you clicked
  • Add an alarm: Short click on +(1), +(2), +(3) or +(4)
  • Edit an alarm: Select from the list
  • Delete an alarm: Long click on an alarm from the list and select 'delete alarm' or edit the alarm and press the 'Delete' button.

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