Main screen:

  • Click the 'Create a new game!' button to create a new game.
  • Click the date's in the list to see/change old games.

Game screen:

  • Click the (+) Add player to select/create a player
  • Press the initials on first row to edit all values for the player
  • Press the blue buttons to get an dialog an select score for the player

Score dialog:

  • Select score on blue buttons
  • Press the sum or the picture to Exit or back button

Score screen:

  • Select score on blue buttons, function text will also be shown
  • Press the picture to see function text

Select player:

  • Click the 'Create a new player' to create a player
  • Or select an existing player

Create player:

  • Enter name
  • And initials (1-2 characters, if longer it will be truncated)


  • Select a single player (Press on 'All players')
  • Press icons to get a help dialog

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